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Feb 1, 2011 11:00pm PST
>>> president obama warns of dangerous days ahead for egypt as president mubarak says he is stepping down in september after 29 years in power. >> and as egyptians wake up to a 9th day of demonstrations, many say they want him out now. tonight liberation square erupted in anger as the egyptian people finally heard from the man they had risen up against. appearing on state television, president mubarak addressed the protesters directly, telling them their demands are law scwit mat. -- legitimate and he will step down, but not just yet. >> and i will not be nominating myself for a new presidential term, for i have served egypt long enough. >> mubarak promised to leave in september and vowed to spend his remaining months restoring calm. but september is not soon enough for the protesters. >> president obama said he spoke to mubarak for 30 minutes saying there must be change toward democracy. >> an orderly transition must be meaningful, must be peaceful, and it must begin now. >> then he spoke directly to the egyptian people. >> the people of egypt, particularly the young people
Feb 22, 2011 11:00pm PST
a top obama aide gets what he calls his dream job. >> first, santa clara leaders fight to keep the new 49ers' stadium no matter what governor brown does. >> and then late other "night nightline." >> coming up next, a shocking cruiseship crime. a 14-year-old allegedly raped by a ship employee in a crime one expert says is all too common. we have the inside story. and inside the mind of >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >>> the city of santa clara is launching a preemptive strike. governor jerry brown wants to bring all local redevelopment money back to the state level, but without the funding the 49er stadium could be in jeopardy. lisa amin gulezian is live with a key council vote. lisa? >> the council voted late tonight to move forward as planned. they are appointing a new stadium authority, and they will act as an entire group. that's including what is earmarked for the new stadium. >> we believe the 49ers should pay for their own stadium. it is one way to assert that publicly. >> those for and against building a new stadium for the 49ers in santa cla
Feb 11, 2011 11:00pm PST
. president obama praised the protesters for their peaceful methods. >> it was the moral force of nonviolence and not terrorism and not mindless killing, but toward justice. >> he is the ghoul gel executive that organized the first protest using facebook. as millions of egyptians joined him in celebration, his cousin called him from san francisco. >> everyone is celebrating. >> can you describe it? >> have i to go. >> take care. best of luck. sure. this is the boy that launched this. >> what a day. in the coming days, protest leaders will hold talks with the military who is holding power. president mubarak is now at a red sea resort. >>> we heard from an egyptian professor just after mubarak resigned. he is the chair of the history department at the american university in cairo. he marched with other professors to the square and later took these i'm edge ins of the jubilant celebrations there. he believes the revolution in egypt will inspire millions of people across the middle east to stand up against oppression. >> i think now the government has to be responsive to them and thei
Feb 7, 2011 11:00pm PST
timing isn't everything in politics but it is quite a bit. in the newsroom, 7 news. >>> president obama delivered an urgent message to american business leaders today. he asked members of the u.s. chamber of commerce to start sendingç money and hire worker president said u.s. company sit on nearly 2 trillion dollars. and time to get in the game. >> my message is now is the time to invest in america. now is the time to invest in america. if there's a reason that you don't share my confidence if there is a reason enthusiastic don't believe this is the time to get off the side lines, to the hire and invest, i want to know about it. >>reporter: business leaders have said the new wall street rules and regulation couple with health care reform are keeping them from hiring. president says he want to hear suggestions on which rules should be rescinded. >> abc 7 want to help you find a job. we host a hire event in concord tomorrow in con junciton with the job journal from noon to 4 on clayton road in center concord. federal reserve bank of san francisco, farmer insurance and university of phoe
Feb 10, 2011 11:00pm PST
for since the 25th of jan is now being realized. >>reporter: even president obama told university awed yen in michigan. >> we are witnessing history unfold. the moment of transformation taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. >>reporter: late today the white house issued a news release openly criticizing mubarak. it says in part the egyptian people have been told that there was a transition of authority but it is not yet clear that this transition is immediate, meaningful or efficient. susan rites was in san francisco today. she says many aspect of what mubarak did are still unclear. >> we are still trying to understand exactly what president mubarak committed to. approximately there is, we are trying to figure out which constitutionalÑi provision he's acting under. how much power has he turned over. what are his ultimate intentions. >>reporter: all right. here's another live look at people beginning to gather in large numbers right now in cairo square. item very calm there. people just arriving for what could be the biggest day yet of demonstrations. aga
Feb 23, 2011 11:00pm PST
the capital. president obama says qaddafi's decision to open fire on his own people is unacceptable. >> this is not simply a concern of the united states. the entire world is watching. >> the president is sending secretary of state hillary clinton to geneva for talks that could lead to sanctions. foreigners are rushing out before things get worse. >> there are thousands going to the airport just to be there and just to sit there waiting for nobody knows for what basically. >> the international federation says hundreds have been killed in the anti-government demonstrations. >>> the death toll stands at 98 following tuesday's devastating earthquake in christchurch. more than 200 others are missing in the aftermath of the 6.3 quake. analysts are now saying reconstruction could cost $12 billion. noel cisneros was escorted behind police lines for a look at the devastation. >> christchurch is known as the garden city. a mixture of the modern ringed with green. now the garden city looks like it has been bombed, looted and pull var rised into rub bish. -- and pulvarized to rub bish. >> not
Feb 3, 2011 11:00pm PST
being broadcast from egypt right now. good evening everyone. >> obama administration is now in talks with top egyptian officials about the immediate resignation of egyptian president mubarak and today cition an was the first journalist to interview him sin the up rest began. >> he told me he said christiane after 62 years of public service, i am fed up. i want to go. but i can not resign today he said because otherwise there would be chaos. otherwise he was afraid he said that the muslim brought hood, the bandlis lamb ick party would take over. >>reporter: president mubarak said he will die on egyptian soil. as for whether he feels be tray bid obama administration to step down. >> he did say that i think obama is a very good man those were his words to me but i did tell him that you do not understand egyptian culture. if i leave right away there will be chaos. >>reporter: newly appointed vice president also promised her that he would not order the army to crack down if protestors refused to leave cairo main square. the in the streets at least 60 journalist have been attacked by mubar
Feb 2, 2011 11:00pm PST
obama, it is either us or chaos. >> supporters of president mubarak turned their anger on the foreign media. they say supporters are sympathetic to the protesters. anderson cooper was one of those physically attacked. he was punched in the head several times. and kristi anne was confronted. >> why do you hate them? >> they are not good person. >> as she left the scene, they hit her car with their fists before throwing a rock that cracked the windshield. >> and as for communications, the government has reinstated some internet service after cutting it off for days. t state tv announced a nighttime curfew has been shortened from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. >>> there is growing concern about the safety of egypt's antiquities. the egyptian museum near the heart of the protest is filled with ancient artifacts. over the past few days they destroyed two mummies and smashed artifacts and thrown molotov cocktails at the building. she is -- she says an archaeological site she is excavating south of cairo has been looted. >> i found out the -- they are looting the site with shovels with shovels. it beats b
Feb 15, 2011 11:00pm PST
unlikely because president obama signed an act last month prohibiting the u.s. for paying for the relocation of clear detainees. meanwhile, berkeley is facing an $11 million deficit and the possibility of laying off 70 em plough ies. -- 70 employees. >> guantanamo is basically a sideshow that is irrelevant. i am more concerned about firefighters and more concerned about nurses and more concerned about us providing services to people. >> we don't see it as a competition between the two sets of issues, between moral issues and practical issues and financial issues, but between foreign policy and domestic policy. we have a holistic view that encompasses the microto the macro to the global. >> the peace and justice commission pointed out that in the past they have taken slack for banning styrofoam and pioneering disabled rice. so they think they will do this in the future, but probably not tonight. >> all right, that is alan wang reporting. he is obviously not doing the weather report. it is pretty rough out there. >>> what was supposed to be a free military benefit ended up costing a
Feb 17, 2011 11:00pm PST
. president obama arrived at sfo right on schedule. this is eighth official visit to california and this time he was greeted by lieutenant governor newsom, attorney general harris and san francisco mayor lee. less than 45 minute later the president motorcade arrived at the woodside home of venture capitalist dohr for a dinner and discussion with silicon valley biggest name. among them apple ceo steve jobs and google schmid and sucker berg and/or kill ellison and bart and chambers. stanford professor william lives behind this estate and pleased to see the president in his neighborhood. >> good thing for the president to get out into the community that he serves. and a lot of people in woodside have a lot of influence in the direction of our country and that's a good think to interact. >>reporter: purpose of the president visit is to promote innovation and job in high tech and green tech. he wants to spend billions of dollars on clean energy, education, high speed internet and other programs and turning to silicon leaders for their support. >> as a country if we could figure out a way to build
Feb 25, 2011 11:00pm PST
was one of several resorts because of the strong winds and heavy snowfall. >> for the moment the obama administration has frozen the assets of the libyan leader moammar qaddafi and four of his children. the move came hours africa doff fee made another bizarre public appearance. >> qaddafi called on supporters to dance and sing and prepare to defend libya. militants have been firing on crowds of protesters. they have reported many deaths. a former cia psychiatrist says he believes qaddafi is suffering ready boer line personality disorder and when under stress loses touch with reality. >> life without dignity is worthless. >> well what we intended for you to hear is the psychiatrist saying under the facad he is considered a buffoon at times. this is a dangerous man, the psychiatrist says. ferrying of americans out of the area arrived in malta. storms delayed the evacuations for three days. >>> the worst our economy gets, the better their business gets. >> we are calling on neighbors and family to disgrace him, embarass him and humiliate him. >> michael finney on how to stop bill collecto
Feb 16, 2011 11:00pm PST
. >>> back here we are learning more about who president obama will be meeting with during his visit. the president will have a private dinner at an undisclosed location with high-tech executives including mark zuckerberg, apple's steve jobs and the google executive eric schmidt. the white house says the dinner meeting will focus on innovation, job creation and education. >>> california is facing a daunting challenge to cut car emissions by the year 2020. one strategy is by creating transit villages. but as lisa amin gulezian reports, it is not a proven solution. >> this sunnyvale station could become a commuter mecca. they are considering redeveloping the area and creating a transit village right here. >> i think it could be really good. >> the village would have housing, retail and of course transit all within a quarter mile of the station. to night was the first time the public got to weigh in on the idea. senate bill 375 was the inspiration for sunnyvale's transit village. they require the major city to reduce driving emissions by 7% by the year 2020. the public policy institute relea
Jan 31, 2011 11:00pm PST
begin that process. >>reporter: obama administration is walking a tightrope calling with increasing urgency for democratic reform. but still revving to call for mubarak to step down. >> we ever not picking between those on the street and those in the government. >>reporter: last of egypt internet service providers was also switched off leaving only dial up service for accessing the internet. >> we have no facebook. no internet. no message. >>reporter: but google day says it launched new service that the allow them to send twitter message without an internet connection. all they have to do is dial a phone number and leave a voice message which is automatically translated into a tweet. >> all right allen reporting thanks. >> indicate 0reported at cairo international airport as thousands of foreigners race to get out of the country. more than 1200 people left on flights today in a scene that promises to play out for days. first evacuatione arrived in after he says, is tan bull chartered by the u.s. state department and cypress. >> we saw people looting. we saw gunfire. people shooting
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13